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None of It is Real. It is All an Illusion.

Nothing outside of yourself is real. Think about this. Robert Scheinfeld talks about taking a trip on a plane. Let’s say that you get on a plane in New York to fly to London. You get on the plane you … Continue reading

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Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel is Another Supportive Song

I love Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel and I have for as long as I can remember. The opening verse paints a very clear picture for me. Climbing up on Solsbury Hill. I could see the city light. Wind was … Continue reading

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Manifestation – Can You Picture That?

Here’s some of the best manifestation advice I’ve ever heard. I bet you never considered Dr. Teeth (yes, the piano rocking Muppet) a guru on the Law of Attraction. So, check it out. Can You Picture That – Dr. Teeth … Continue reading

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