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The Best Way to Do It Is to Get Started Now

Has this ever happened to you? I have two people who have said that they want to work with me, but they have to wait until after this is done or that happens first. The first person, let’s call him … Continue reading

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The Logical Song: Is Being Logical Always a Good Thing?

I love listening to music while I’m doing other things, like working or driving. Music┬ácan tell stories, it can make you feel, and sometimes it can make you think. I was driving my family to my in-laws’ house this week … Continue reading

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Are People Judgmental or Just Have Low Self-Esteem

I listened to a program by Caroline Myss on Self Esteem recently. One of the many things she talked about was how our judgments of others can be because of our own low self esteem. That got me thinking about … Continue reading

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