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Headphone MeditationIn my last post I shared with you about how I realized I got way off track from consciously manifesting what I want to experience and what I have started to do to get back in line. In addition to the Abraham exercise and vision board that I talked about last time, I have also started using an assisted meditation program that I have used on and off for the past several years called Holosync.
Holosync was created by Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc., which was founded by Bill Harris, who was one of the teachers in the movie The Secret. In the movie he talks about a client who was being harassed by co-workers and  struggling to be successful. With some coaching and mental reprogramming he was finally able to change his experience and achieve his success. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

I looked him up on the internet, found Centerpointe Institute’s website and ordered the free demo of Holosync to check it out. I loved it and ordered the first level.
The deal with Holosync is that it uses brainwave entrainment to induce your brain to the slower brainwave states that you would be able to achieve only if you were very advanced with meditation. You also have the ability with later levels to record your own affirmations in your own voice and have them embedded within the tracks. So you get to reprogram your brain in a few different waves.
I have to be honest. I haven’t stuck with it consistently from the time I ordered the first level. It requires an hour of uninterrupted time, and that has been a challenge for me on occasion. After almost eight years I am currently on disk 2 of Awakening Level 3 and have 3 more weeks on this disk before I move to disk 3. Then 6 weeks each on disks 3, 4, 5 and 6 before going to Level 4.
I like Holosync because it helps me to overcome one of my biggest obstacles to meditation – mental chatter. If I am not physically active that nagging voice inside my head won’t shut up. So sitting still for an hour and letting my mind go blank just isn’t happening. With Holosync though, if I can do even just a fair job of muffling the chatter then the magic of brainwave entrainment can take me to the deeper levels.
Sometimes I’m very successful at quieting my mind and the program takes me very deep. Other times, like today, I don’t feel like I’m doing very well while listening, but when the session ends I realize that it actually did go much better than I thought. There are still some times (only rare times) when at the end of the session I just feel like all I did was fidget in place for an hour.
I do believe that I am getting significant benefit from using Holosync, so in a few months I will order Level 4 so that I have it ready to go when I finish Awakening Level 3 about 6 months from now.
Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Centerpointe Research Institute. If you decide to order Awakening Prologue through my link above then I may earn a commission from your purchase.

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