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Cyndi KruppI listened to an awesome replay of Cyndi Krupp on New Transformation Strategies teleseminar series. The replay is available until midnight tonight.
She talked about a lot of different things that she tried to deal with an anxiety and panic disorder without having to use drugs. She got a huge benefit from energy healing.
She talked about Super Mind Evolution System, Mind Movies, Abraham, Byron Katie, Lester Levenson. She’s looked at a lot of different things in the personal growth arena.
I think what I liked about Cyndi Krupp’s interview is that she wasn’t the kind of guest that is usually on a teleseminar. She didn’t create a new technique. She is more like the rest of us and shared different things that she has tried and found that work for her.
Of course she was on ultimately to share something that she does have a financial stake in, but that didn’t come across as the point of the call.
For example, here is one technique that she uses that she shared on the call. She called it Noble Questions. I had never heard of this before.
Let’s say you want to lose weight. Most of us would ask a question like this. “How can I lose 20 pounds this month?” The question implies that you aren’t already losing pounds and gives the impression that you are currently failing at your goal.
Instead, ask the question like this. “How can I lose even more weight than I am already losing?” Phrased this way, the question gives the impression that you are already moving toward your goal. You are already having some success. That is a more empowering question.
More importantly, it feels better. It puts you into a better vibrational match for what you want to create.
Cyndi Krupp was actually on the call to talk about brain wave entrainment.
I’ve used brainwave entrainment before, mostly Holosync from Centerpoint Research Institute. As Cyndi points out, most brainwave entrainment programs are boring to listen to.  They aren’t very interesting and can be very repetitive. Most people quit listening to them after a little while. I did.
The thing with most of these programs is that they only work when you use them. They don’t do much just sitting on a shelf.
The company she works with, Mind Power MP3, decided to see if they could embed the brainwave entrainment frequencies in music. That way people would spend more time listening to them. The more people listen to them, the better results they can have.
I signed up on their Super Mind VIP Club monthly subscription to check it out yesterday. I like it. They use several different kinds of music, both classical and modern. You can definitely hear the brainwave entrainment frequencies. They make the music sound a little different, a little more interesting.
The Super Mind VIP Club monthly subscription is here.
The rest of their products are here.
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