Harrison Klein – The "I Am" Effect

Harrison Klein TransformationalistHave your heard of Harrison Klein before? I had the opportunity to listen to a replay of a teleseminar call a few days ago.
On the call he talks about the difference between “I am” statements and visualization. Anything that you say following the words “I am” tells your subconscious that you are that right now.
“I am wealthy” is more powerful than “I will be wealthy”. The phrase “will be” puts whatever you want to manifest always in the future, never right now. What you want is right now, and “I am” is right now.
What I really liked about the call was the meditation/visualization exercise that Harrison Klein lead the listeners through. It involved going inside where your life force is and visualizing the life you want to create.
That’s a little bit different than just visualizing something in your head, which is what most of us do when we visualize. This visualization exercise felt different and more powerful. It involved getting deeper into the feeling of what you want to manifest.
I wasn’t able to find much more about Harrison Klein on the internet. He has a website but most of the links go to other inactive websites and email lists. He has one product that you can learn about through the teleseminar replay page. This is not an affiliate link. I won’t make on money on this one.
So, go now and listen to the replay of the Harrison Klein webinar. It is available until midnight tomorrow night (12 PM PST on Sunday, May 27).
He will also be on the Self Worth Summit series on August 8, 2012. You can find out more about the Self Worth Summit here and get on the rest of those calls that have already begun.
Wayne Woodworth

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