Have You Seen The Abundance Factor Movie Yet?

The Abundance Factor MovieThe Abundance Factor movie was released on Sept 8, 2015.
Did you see The Secret when it came out? That was almost 10 years ago. Talk of the Law of Attraction and abundance have become very common since the Spring of 1996 but I think for most people it is still very much in the talk and concept phase.
I see The Abundance Factor as the next step toward bringing all of that talk closer to a reality. For me, the Abundance Factor movie is the sequel to The Secret that I heard promised but never saw delivered. It was not made by the same people and is not affiliated with that older movie.

The Abundance Factor breaks it down more and spends more time building an understanding of what “abundance” really means, what prevents us from having it, and where those blocks come from so that we can begin to tear them down and finally take that first big step forward.
Go see the The Abundance Factor movie for free right here.
Here is the preview trailer for The Abundance Factor

Who is in The Abundance Factor?

There are a few teachers who were in The Secret who also make a significant appearance in the new movie – Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and Joe Vitale. They’ve had nine years to further refine their messages, especially John and Joe. John Assaraf has been teaching about neuroplasticity and talks a little about that in the movie. Joe Vitale has been living exactly what he talks about and it comes across.
They are joined this time around by several other people, some I have heard of and a few I haven’t. The most significant is probably T. Harv Eker. I heard one time that he was interviewed for The Secret but none of that content made it into the final movie. I don’t know if that is true or not. He is definitely in The Abundance Factor.
Another person who has been around for awhile, and maybe should have been in the other movie too, is Dr. Bruce Lipton. He is all about what role genetics really plays in our lives, and what role it doesn’t. If you haven’t read or listened to Dr. Lipton before, then you probably should take this opportunity.
Other teachers include:

  • Margaret Lynch – success coach and EFT/tapping expert
  • Carol Tuttle – alternative psychotherapist and EFT/tapping expert
  • Lynn McTaggart – author of The Intention Experiment and The Field
  • Ike Allen – founder of AVAIYA Media
  • Sonia Ricotti – CEO/President of Lead Out Loud, Inc
  • Vishen Lakhiani – founder and CEO of Mind Valley
  • Dee Wallace – personal development speaker, Elliott’s mom in E.T.
  • Jairek Robbins – personal development coach, son of Tony Robbins
  • Gay and Katie Hendricks – famous success coaches
  • and several others

How to Watch The Abundance Factor Movie

The movie only came out almost a month ago. I heard a couple days ago that the movie’s creator, Riley Dayne, will make the movie available to see for free online from October 7 – 11. I just checked and saw that it is already up, so go check it out now while you can. If they catch the mistake and take it down then just check back on October 7.
You can see The Abundance Factor movie here.
I have watched The Abundance Factor myself and I enjoyed it. It is not a rehashing of The Secret. Watch it for yourself and then tell me what you thought of it in a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I signed up as an affiliate with the people who made the movie, so I may earn a commission if you purchase anything after you watch the movie. If you have a list that you would like to promote the movie to, then become an affiliate yourself here.

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