How to Build Your Intuition

My wife and I came across an exercise that helps you to discover and build your intuition. It’s pretty cool and it seems to work more often than not.
What you’re going to do is take three cards, the two red aces and the Ace of Spades, shuffle them and lay them face-down before you. Then you are going to use your intuition to determine which one is the Ace of Spades.
The first thing you need to know about are your seven primary chakras. For this you really don’t need to know a lot about them other than their location and color.

  • Red is at the base of the spine.
  • Orange is below the belly button
  • Yellow is the solar plexus, below the rib cage
  • Green is the heart, center of your chest
  • Blue is in the hollow at the base of your throat
  • Purple is the third eye, center of your forehead
  • White (or light purple) is the crown, top of your head

What works for me is to sit on a chair with my feet flat on the floor. I breathe a couple times to quiet my mind then I visualize each of the chakras on the front of my body as balls of colored light about the size of a tennis ball starting with red and moving up to white.
Then I picture the card I’m looking for in my mind. I make it as clear as I can. Once I have it, I then go back to my chakras. I expand the orange, yellow, and purple to the size of a bowling ball.
Now I’m ready. I hover my hand over each of the cards and listen or feel for any signal in my body that may indicate something. This is kind of hard to describe because it is probably different for everyone. It could be a feeling in your stomach. I sometimes feel my hand pulled to the card. Other times I just know that it is the card under my hand. When I think I have the right card I flip it over. I don’t touch the cards when I am sensing them. My wife is a more tactile person and has to touch the cards to get the impression. So try it both ways and see what works best for you.
I did the exercise six times before writing this and was right four times. I sometimes try too hard or over-think it and get in my own way. The trick is to stay quiet in your head and  wait for the feeling or the knowing. It can be difficult but it is worth it to keep playing with it.
I believe that over time I will be able to better discern what my intuition is telling me, and that is the point in repeating the exercise daily.
Try the exercise and write a comment below to let me know how it goes.
Wayne Woodworth

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