Hypnosis MP3 vs. Subliminal MP3

Subliminal MP3 and Hypnosis MP3Hypnosis MP3s and subliminal MP3s are two popular audio technologies for personal development. Both technologies try to get past the conscious mind to speak directly to the subconscious mind to create a positive change in your habits and/or in your thinking. Which do you think is better?

What is a Hypnosis MP3?

You probably already have an idea of what hypnosis is. The first thing that a hypnotist will do is get you very relaxed, just short of falling asleep. They need you to be awake so that you can still interact with them on a level. You’ve probably seen the stage hypnotist with their shiny object swinging it back and forth in front of their subject and telling them that their eyes are getting heavy.

It is a little bit different on a recorded hypnosis track. The speaker will use a slow, measured way of speaking to get you to relax to a point. Then they may have you take several deep breaths, count backwards from ten, and maybe lead you through a guided visualization to get you to a very deep level of relaxation.
Once you are sufficiently relaxed the speaker will transition to a series of statements to install the new programming in your mind. This could be to do anything from changing a physical habit like smoking or biting your fingernails, to getting rid of pain, to changing your habitual thoughts so that you expect good things to happen instead of bad things.
When that is done the speaker will then slowly bring you out of the hypnotic state so that you can wake up alert and ready to go or maybe allow you to drift off into a restful night of sleep if you listen to it before bed.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hypnosis Recordings

Hypnosis recordings can be very powerful because they speak directly to your subconscious mind. Because of how the altered state of consciousness is induced, hypnosis requires you to take time out from anything else you are doing and spend this time focused on you and what you want to accomplish with the track, which is probably a good thing. You can’t listen to a hypnosis track while you are working on anything else and expect to get anything out of it. You definitely should not listen to hypnosis while driving or operating heavy machinery.
The real power of hypnosis comes from the fact that you are completely focused, at least subconsciously, on the positive change you want to make. There are no distractions.

What is a Subliminal MP3?

I’ve heard that some advertisers used to use subliminal advertising to sell their products. They would flash a single frame of their product, maybe a statement along with it, and people would go buy. Apparently it worked well enough to get it banned. So subliminal messaging got a bad reputation. Regardless, subliminal messaging does work. Blame the users, not the technology.
Like hypnosis, subliminal MP3s seek to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious. In the case of a subliminal audio track, the message is barely audible, hidden underneath music, nature sounds, or other audio. While your conscious mind is distracted with the music, the subliminal track, usually a string of affirmations repeated over and over in a loop, can speak directly with the subconscious mind to install new thought patterns.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Subliminal Recordings

You can listen to subliminal MP3s while you are doing other things. They are probably OK to listen to while driving too because they don’t seek to alter your state of consciousness. Actually, what you are doing while listening to them becomes part of what distracts your conscious mind so that the subliminal messaging can get passed to the subconscious.
A single session with a hypnosis MP3 is probably stronger than a single session with a subliminal recording. The power of the subliminal MP3 is that you don’t have to stop what you are doing, so you can listen to it over and over and over while you are working and doing other things.
I believe that using hypnosis recordings and subliminal audio recordings together will work quite nicely. Use the hypnosis track first thing in the morning before you get out of bed and last thing at night before you fall asleep. Then use the subliminal audio during the day while you are working. One technology reinforces the other.

Which Is Better for You?

I like the subliminal audios better because I spend most of my time in front of my computer and I can listen to them as I’m getting other things done. If I stop and get comfortable and relaxed for a hypnosis audio chances are that I will just fall asleep, which will still work, but not as well.
Which one is better for you? You can try both technologies for free. You can get two free subliminal MP3s here and you can get a free hypnosis MP3 here.
Try out both technologies then come back here and let me know in a comment below which works better for you.

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