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How to Attract What You Want - Language is ImportantVisiting family for the holidays is great. I enjoy seeing and talking with people that I don’t see or talk to very often. I do have one challenge with it though – negative language. People, especially the older generations, like to talk about how busy they are. They like to talk about the bad news they heard on the TV or read in the newspaper. They like to talk about being sick and about dying. Is their any question about what they are actively attracting?
I have been studying the Law of Attraction material for several years. You attract the things and experiences that you are in alignment with, and nothing shows the world what you are in alignment with, and therefore attracting, than what you say.

What Are You Attracting?

Do you pay attention to what you say? The words you use and how you say them will give you a very clear picture of what your predominant thoughts are. The most telling are the things that you aren’t even aware of having said.
A great mindfulness exercise to find out what you are attracting is to write down everything you say. You don’t have to write everything down word for word. Just make a note of the general idea and whether you used positive language or not. Do you use negative words like “no”, “can’t” and “don’t” or positive words like “yes”, “can” and “do”?
Don’t be surprised if you find out that you use mostly negative words. That’s how we have been taught for generations, so it isn’t really your fault. You’re surrounded by negative language from the people you spend time with, the TV shows and movies that you watch, and probably the things that you read.
If you are using negative words then you are probably attracting negative things. One of the Law of Attraction teachers I listen to says “when I say don’t think of an ice cream cone, what do think of? An ice cream cone!” So, when you are saying “I don’t want to be sick” you are thinking about being sick and therefore attracting the state of being sick.

How to Attract What You Want – Change Your Language

Instead of saying “I don’t want to be sick” you can say “I am healthy”. I would skip over things like “I am free of cancer” or “I am debt free” too because they still have you thinking about cancer or debt. Go all the way to what you actually want – “I am the most healthy person alive” or “I am so rich that I take my entire city on vacation every year.” It will work as long as you can feel really great about it.
I have worked on changing my language for several years and it is still a challenge sometimes. Every now and then I catch myself saying something in a negative way. When I catch myself, I rephrase what I just said in a more positive way. I’m still training myself by fixing it until I get it right.
It works too. I believe that I am healthier than most of the people that I am around and I am happier than most of them. And by saying that I believe it, I can build up my belief to attract anything that I want.
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