Releasing the Blocks to the Law of Attraction

If the Law of Attraction is a “law”, as all the gurus say, then why doesn’t it seem to work for everyone, as a law should?
The Law of AttractionThe Law of Attraction says that your dominant thought is what is attracted to you. The problem is that most people aren’t paying attention to what they are thinking. They spend all day grumbling about this or that, have it reinforced by watching the news or whatever, then spend five minutes thinking about what they consciously want. Do you think that five minutes of positive thought is going to override hours to negative thought? Of course not.

The trick to getting the Law of Attraction to work for you in a positive way is to shift the balance of your thoughts so that the positive are stronger than the negative, which can be very difficult to do if you don’t know how. The negative thoughts have been programmed into us since birth. We grew up listening to our parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, TV and movies, music, etc. Chances are that most of the programming we have received is negative.
So, how do we overcome all of that? Most Law of Attraction teachers that I know of skip over this. I can only think of one who does address it, and it is the biggest topic of his program. The teacher is Bob Doyle and his program is Wealth Beyond Reason. It is the best Law of Attraction program out there in my opinion. For anyone who has been reading my last few posts about starting over with the Law of Attraction, yes, Wealth Beyond Reason is something else that I have gotten back into in the past few months.
Bob Doyle calls it releasing. There are many techniques to release the negative thoughts and habits that hold us back. In the Wealth Beyond Reason program, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the technique of choice. It involves tapping on a handful of meridian points while shifting your focus from a particular problem or negative thought into more positive one. He also talks some about the Silva Method, Faster EFT and one or two more.
There are two more that I have played with. The first is the Emotion Code by Dr. Nelson. It involves using muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to identify a specific emotion that is blocking you. Then you use a magnet to stimulate the Governing Meridian to release the energy. I have used this technique with a lot of success.
The second technique that I was curious about was Psych-K. I first read about this technique in Bruce Lipton’s book, Spontaneous Evolution. It works a lot faster than the other techniques but I’ve only played with it a little bit, so I need to learn more before I know if it works for me.
I highly recommend that you check out the Wealth Beyond Reason program to learn about the science behind the Law of Attraction, then explore the releasing techniques to find one or two that work for you. Then you can really begin to explore the Law of Attraction.
Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with the Wealth Beyond Reason program and If you place an order through either of those links then I may earn a commission. It does not affect the price you pay.

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