The Power of Intent

Intent Sets the EnergyI recently picked up a program by Burt Goldman, the American Monk, and was listening to it yesterday. He was talking about what he teaches about Feng Shui, the art and science of placing specific objects in certain spaces to create smooth energy flow through a space to increase your well-being. He simplifies it down to just intent. He throws out all of the rules and says that every piece of furniture you place, just have a specific intent for placing it there. Or it could be artwork on the walls. In the story he told he was staying in a hotel for a few days while teaching a seminar. He decided to place some posters on the wall to make it more comfortable for him and decided to place them with a specific intent to create inspiration for something he was working on.
Whether you want to still call it Feng Shui or not is up to you, but I think that the idea is a very good one.
I first really thought about intent when I was in massage school. If you happen to be a massage therapist then you know that your hands-on classes are all about learning specific strokes and a set routine. By the time you are done with school you are expected to have created a routine using all of these specific strokes. I quickly decided that none of that mattered in the end. Instead, it was all about your intent. If your intent is about giving your client the best massage they have ever had and your mind is on the massage, then your client is going to have amazing results no matter what you do.
I sometimes get a kick out of looking at the massage therapy groups on LinkedIn and reading the debates about what technique is the best for a given condition. My feeling is that if your intent and their belief are in synch then you could  just sit and listen to them for an hour and they will have benefit.
So, everything you do is about your intent while you are doing it. If you are rearranging your furniture or redecorating your walls, then set every piece in place with the intent that you are creating a comfortable and safe place for your family. If you are doing the same in your office, then set the intent that everything is in the right place for your success. Make your bed every morning with the intent that you are setting it up for the most restful and rejuvenating sleep that you have ever had.
Do everything with intent.
I am publishing this post with the intent that there is something here that you can use to make your life a little better today than it was yesterday.
Wayne Woodworth

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