How to Get What You Want

Do you know how to get what you want?
Here is how to get what you want. Don't envy what people have, emulate what they did to have it. - Tim Fargo

Don’t envy what people have, emulate what they did to have it.

– Tim Fargo

How to Get What You Want

I already said who Tim Fargo is in a previous quote, so let’s go straight to today’s quote of the day.
You often hear people envy what other people have or what they accomplished.
“Did you see what Tom Edison did the other day? He invented an electric light bulb!  I wish I could do that!”
Envying Mr. Edison’s success will not make you feel better or create any amount of success for you.
Instead of envying their possessions or accomplishments, go do what they did so that you can have them too.

Modeling for Success

I don’t mean dress your best and strut down a runway.
By modeling, I mean find out what that person did to get what they have, whether a possession or an accomplishment.
I heard this advice all the time back when I started my network marketing business. Talk to the people who are already successful and learn what they do. Take them to lunch and interview them. Make them your mentor.
Then do what they did.
The same thing goes for any business. Do you want to start a restaurant? Find a successful restaurant owner and take them to dinner. Watch how they appreciate their food. Ask them if you can shadow them in their restaurant some time. Learn everything you can from them and implement it in your own restaurant.

Take Action

This is all meaningless if you don’t take action afterwards. Take everything you learn by modeling the successful people, give it your own flavor, and implement it.
You have to give it your own flavor, make it uniquely you. Otherwise you’re just a copy. You don’t want to be a copy.

Bonus Quote

When you’re around enormously successful people you realize their success isn’t an accident – it’s about work.

– Ryan Tedder

Do you know the best time to get started modeling your new success mentor? Check out yesterday’s quote of the day and find out.

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