My Success With the Law of Attraction

I achieved a major goal in my network marketing business last October by applying what I have learned about the Law of Attraction.
No, I’m not going to try to recruit you onto my team. I am going to share what I did in the hopes that you will find something that you can apply to a big goal that you have.
In my network marketing company there are several ranks to move up through. The first 3 rank advancements are achieved through product volume goals, the 4th (Silver) is through a combination of product volume and helping teammates advance in rank, and the remaining ranks can only be gained by helping others advance. I was stuck at the second volume rank for a long time and my goal was to jump to Silver
I finally achieved that goal in October, and I have achieved it again each month since. I didn’t have to keep doing it because our ranks are permanent. The point is that once you have accomplished something once and work at that level, you can stay at that level.
This was all done through the Law of Attraction. My belief was a lot different though I wasn’t actually doing anything different.
Like a lot of people, I learned about the Law of Attraction from the movie The Secret and I followed several of the teachers from the movie afterward РBob Proctor, James Ray, Marci  Shimoff, Jack Canfield, and others.
I think the two most significant teachers from The Secret are Mike Dooley and Bob Doyle. Mike Dooley is the best at talking about visualization and getting excited about having already achieved your goal in your thoughts.
Bob Doyle is the best at teaching the nuts and bolts of the Law of Attraction and the science behind it. I enrolled in Bob’s Wealth Beyond Reason program a couple years ago. The most important thing he teaches about is resistance. What programming exists in your mind that is holding you back from getting what you want?
I don’t think I’ve come across any other Law of Attraction teacher who stresses releasing resistance as much as Bob Doyle does. I actually stopped working with the Wealth Beyond Reason program for a little while because I was tired of so much releasing. If I had stayed with it I probably would have gotten here sooner.
Back to my network marketing goal. I started thinking last September that maybe there was something to this “resistance talk” and that I should work on releasing any resistance I could find that was keeping me from reaching the Silver rank. Bob Doyle talks about the Sedona Method and EFT or meridian tapping. I had also read about the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.
The Emotion Code uses muscle testing to find trapped emotions that can build up an energy blockage. Once you have identified a trapped emotion then you use a magnet to release the trapped emotion. It is a quick, easy process and doesn’t involve having to come up with questions or statements like in EFT.
I worked with the Emotion Code for about two weeks to clear out the trapped emotions that were holding me back from the level of success that I wanted to reach in my network marketing business. Once I got into October I had the sudden realization that I was Silver, at least in my mind. It wasn’t a conscious belief. It was a knowing. By the end of the month I was Silver on paper too.
So, you really can use the Law of Attraction to reach your goals. Decide what your goal is, identify the resistance that is holding your back, then release that resistance.
That’s it.
Wayne Woodworth
PS. Bob Doyle has a great summary video of his approach to the Law of Attraction. Check it out here.
Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Bob Doyle’s and Mike Dooley’s programs. If you order something through any of the links on this page then I may earn a commission. I upgraded the the new Wealth Beyond Reason program myself because I think I still have things to learn from Bob.

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