What Does It Mean To "Neville-ize" Your Goals?

Nevillize Your GoalsJoe Vitale introduced me to the works of Neville Goddard and coined the phrase “Neville-ize your goals.” What that means is to visualize your goals as having already happened.
Here is an example. My wife and I want to sell our current house, buy some land, and build a new rammed earth house on it. To “Neville-ize” this goal I would visualize a scenario where what I want has already happened. In a hypnosis induction they say that it is best to get all of the senses involved so I want to try to do that too.
So I might visualize it this way.
I get up from my desk where I was just verifying that the check that I received from selling my old house had posted to my account. I walk to the front of the house and admire the view out the window as I pluck an orange from the tree in the greenhouse area that forms the front of our new home. Then I walk out the door and down to the picnic table by the creek that runs across the front of the property. I sit down and listen to the sound of the creek as I peel the orange. I take a bit of the orange and appreciate its excellent flavor.
In this scenario the old house has already sold because I have already received a check for it and it has posted to my checking account. The new land has been bought and the new house has been constructed because I am in it and the garden is already producing fruit, an orange in this case. Two things that we want with the new land are an excellent view and a creek so I made sure to appreciate them in the visualization.
To make this all real I need to visualize this over and over, maybe a few times a day. I also want to visualize it with as much clarity and detail as I possibly can. It needs to be so clear that when I open my eyes afterwards I am surprised to find that I am not really there.
I have two of Neville Goddard’s books: The Neville Reader
and Immortal Man: A Compilation of Lectures. The Neville Reader has a lot of information about this and many examples of how people have used this to manifest their goals.
If you are curious about what a rammed earth house is and would like to follow our adventure in building one, then you can do that here.
Wayne Woodworth

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