What Do You Give Your Energy To?

Are you positive or negative? What do you give your energy to?Are you positive or negative?
I had a boss at a previous job. He’s a great guy but he’s very passionate about the things he doesn’t like. You can’t be sure of what he likes, but if you see his posts on Facebook it is easy to see what he doesn’t like because he rages against them.
He isn’t so much pro-conservative as he is anti-liberal. He might be pro-peace, but he’s definitely anti-war.
Do you get what I mean?
He didn’t make it to his anger management class because the traffic ticked him off on the way there.

What Do You Give Your Energy To?

I remember when I first watched The Secret (Amazon affiliate link) back in 2006. Jack Canfield (I think) said that someone once asked Mother Theresa to join an anti-war rally. She politely declined and told them to let her know if they were ever going to a pro-peace rally.
A lot of people are anti what they don’t want instead of pro what they do want. They are anti-war instead of pro-peace for example.
When you are anti-war your focus is on war. You give all of your energy to war. When you are pro-peace your focus is on peace. You give all of your energy to peace.
My former boss is an extreme example of someone who gives all of their energy to what they don’t want.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Are you positive or negative? Do you give your energy to the things you are for, or the things you are against?
According to the law of attraction, you will experience in your outer world whatever you think about in your inner world. In other words, what you think about is what you create.
If you think about war then you will attract war, or similar experiences of high stress and danger. It doesn’t matter if you are anti-war or pro-war, if you think about war you get war.
On the other hand, if you think about peace, again either pro-peace or anti-peace (seriously?!), then peace is what you will experience.

Presidential Elections

I read back when Barack Obama first ran for US President that whoever got the most headlines on CNN would win the election. It didn’t matter if the stories were in favor of the person or against them. All that mattered was the amount of energy devoted to them.
I paid attention to that during the most recent election between Trump and Clinton. Trump was ALWAYS in the headlines, and it wasn’t usually positive. I think he knows how it works. If there wasn’t anything to report he went out of his way to pick a fight with someone, usually Megyn Kelly. Sure enough, back to the top of CNN.
In the next presidential election, if you like candidate A more than candidate B, talk about candidate A. Don’t give B any attention what so ever.

What You Give Attention to Grows

Consider houseplants.
Let’s say that you have 2 plants. One of them you give plenty of water and attention. You make sure that it gets sunlight. You even talk to it like your best friend and play classical music for it.
The other one you leave alone. You ignore it. Maybe you give it a little bit of water if you happen to notice it one day as you pass by. What? There’s a second plant? I had no idea!
Which ones grow better? The plant you give your attention to of course. The other one will probably die pretty quickly.
The same thing goes for everything else too.

Are You Positive or Negative?

Do you attend protests or rallies? Protests are usually against something and give energy to something the thing or person they are against. Rallies are usually positive and support something or a person they like.
Do you watch the TV shows that you like or the ones you hate?
It’s really the same thing.
If you talk about war, you give energy to war.
If you talk about traffic (my former boss was notorious for complaining about traffic and stop lights) then you give energy to those things.
Just stop.
Does talking and thinking about them make you feel good? Of course not.
So stop talking and thinking about them.

What Do You Want?

Again, are you positive or negative? Everyone wants to say they are positive, so be positive. Talk about the things that you want more of in your life.

  • Good food
  • Health
  • Weekends
  • Friends
  • Peace

The more you talk about the things you want and the things you like, the more energy you give them, the more they will show up in your life.
That’s one of the main points of the law of attraction. You get what you think about.
Which is really cool.

There is One Challenge Though

It can be difficult to keep your mind focused on the positive things.
The news is full of negativity – war, hunger, politics, illness, you name it.
People love to share their sad stories.
TV and movies are full of violence and other negative things.
People even like to use negative words when they try to be positive, like failing your way to success.

How to be Positive

Find positive movies to watch and book to read. The books that I have been listing at the end of my recent posts are good places to start. I’m working on listing them on my resources page.

Again, Are You Positive or Negative?

Do you focus on the things that you don’t like, or on the things you want more of?
What do you do to stay focused on the positive? Please leave a comment below and let me know.
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2 Responses to What Do You Give Your Energy To?

  1. Hi Ben,
    I remember what Mother Teresa had said. Oh boy was she one positive person!
    I would consider myself positive because I like to feed my mind/body/spirit what it wants. I even moved to another state because the energy where I lived in N.Y. was all negative. And yes, there were protests against this or that all the time. The energy just hit me in the gut and I knew that I had to get away from it.
    In today’s world, there is a lot of anger. One can see it everywhere. I close it out because it is useless to me. If I want to know what is going on in the world, I like to browse online but never read all the put downs and political trash.
    My problem is that I took my mom in to live with us and she listens to radio shows and puts the news on in her room all day long. I try to balance the energy by forcing her outside at least once a day where she can breathe fresh air and ocean breezes. She knows her boundaries not to talk to me about what she has heard lol. Sometimes I do give in and let her talk the negative talk while I have a song playing in my mind. he he he
    I love this post because we can choose if we want to get into the negative space or not.

    • Hi Donna. I think we are on the same page. My family stayed at my parents’ house for a little while a few years ago. The absolutely insist on watching the news every night. I don’t understand it because there is almost never anything there that will effect them. It’s like they need their daily dose of negativity to keep them going.
      I will admit that I do look in on CNN.com most days. You have to admit that the stuff between President Trump and the media can get rather entertaining.

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