The One Command

The One Command by Asara Lovejoy describes an excellent technique to change your default thoughts that manifest your every experience.

The One Command is a book by Asara Lovejoy. As I said in my previous post, it is a book that I’ve wanted to read for awhile but just never got around to.

By “awhile” I mean years. It was originally published in 2007. 

Well, I finally read it recently and I want to share my thoughts on it.

The One Command is a manifestation technique and it intrigued me the first time that I heard about it. It must have been in one of those free law of attraction teleseminar series that people do all the time.

I remembered that the technique had something to do with reaching a theta brainwave state and issuing your subconscious mind a command that it has to carry out. I’ve played with some brainwave entrainment programs before so I was already familiar with the different states.

So, here are my thoughts about the book and the technique.

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Change Your Story

If you want to change your life, all you have to do is change your story

If you want to change your life, change your story.

I mean the story that you constantly tell, both to yourself and to everyone else. You probably tell it without much thought in what you say.

We are always busy telling our story. We share it with just about everyone we meet. The problem is that it’s usually negative. We share our complaints, our hardships, and our worries about tomorrow.

We spend a lot of time building that story in our heads so that we have it down pat for the next opportunity to share it.

The problem is, what we think about most is what we attract into our lives. Do you really want to attract all that stuff that you worry about all the time?

What if all you had to do to change our experience of life was to change your story?

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The Problem With Duality

What does duality mean, and what is wrong with it?You hear a lot of talk about duality, and how bad it is, in the deeper levels of spirituality teachings. What is all this duality stuff about and why does it matter? What does duality mean?
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What Do You Give Your Energy To?

Are you positive or negative? What do you give your energy to?Are you positive or negative?
I had a boss at a previous job. He’s a great guy but he’s very passionate about the things he doesn’t like. You can’t be sure of what he likes, but if you see his posts on Facebook it is easy to see what he doesn’t like because he rages against them.
He isn’t so much pro-conservative as he is anti-liberal. He might be pro-peace, but he’s definitely anti-war.
Do you get what I mean?
He didn’t make it to his anger management class because the traffic ticked him off on the way there.
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Can You Really Fail Your Way to Success?

Many gurus tell you than you can fail your way to success. Is that really possible?I see quotes on Facebook all the time about how you can fail your way to success. They have become very popular, but I really don’t understand why.
If you set out to build a house, and you fail at it over and over, how does that get you a house to live in?
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How to Get In the Flow

When you are in the flow ideas and inspiration come to you easily. Things just seem to work. Want to know how to get in the flow?Do you know what it means to be “in the flow?” Life feels easy when things start working, when the ideas and inspirations are just flowing. Do you know how to get in the flow?
When you’re not “in the flow” things just don’t seem to work right, or at least not reliably. You struggle to get good, inspired ideas for how to grow your business, or whatever it is you want to do. Things kind of stagnate.
You need to know how to get in the flow so things do start going right again.
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Do You Read Self-Help Books or Collect Shelf-Help Books?

Do you, like me, buy many more self-help books than you actually read? Turn them from SHELF-help back into SELF-help.Do you know the difference between self-help books and shelf-help books?
Do you spend a lot of money on self-help books that you then never read? That’s shelf-help. I don’t remember who I heard say that originally, but I really like it. You buy a self-help book and give it to the shelf. It’s now shelf-help. If you don’t read the book then it certainly isn’t going help you.
I’ve spent a lot on shelf-help in the past. Now I’m dusting them off and turning them back into self-help books.
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How to Make Time to Read

Reading is vital to expand your mind and grow your skills. You need to know how to make time to read.It’s hard to find time to read, either for fun or for personal development. I don’t know about you, but I especially wanted to find more time for personal development reading, but how? There are so many other things that you have to do during the day. Where can you possibly fit in something else? You need to know how to make time to read.
I know that was true for me. I’m a full-time stay-at-home dad and I homeschool my kids. That means that I am responsible for most of the cleaning and cooking as well as being the teacher for my kids.
I also have an internet marketing business. That requires time to write blog posts, update pages, and promote my posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
There are only so many hours in a day. Where can you find time for reading and study?
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What's Wrong with Conspiracy Theories?

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, right? So, from a law of attraction view, what's wrong with conspiracy theories?Do you love a good conspiracy theory? I sure do. They can certainly make for a great story, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. FBI special agents Mulder and Scully chased aliens every week in The X-Files TV show. Conspiracy Theory, the movie with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, was another good one. With all of that attention, what’s wrong with conspiracy theories?
I want to look at them from the Law of Attraction and see why conspiracy theories are harmful when you buy into them too strongly. Continue reading

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Being Content versus Being Happy

It is much better to be happy and work for a better future than to be content with things as they are now.Last week I wrote about how important it is that we use positive language along with our positive intent. It’s great to talk about success but if the energy of the actual words are on failure, the intent for success is defeated. This week I’m going to continue to look at how we use language. A very specific case this time, “content” as in “I am content with where I am” versus “happy.”
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