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Follow Your Passion Find Your Power by Bob DoyleI started reading Bob Doyle’s new book, Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power and on pages 43 and 44 he hits right at the core of what the Law of Attraction means as far as manifesting the life you want to create.

Actually being someone you want to be has an entirely different Energy than hoping/trying/wishing to be that someone.

Most of us trying to use the Law of Attraction to create the lives we want are spending all of our time hoping and trying to be what we want to create, and that just doesn’t work. Wishing and hoping attracts like energy, which is wishing and hoping. Instead, we need to be because being attracts being.
For my part, I have been working for a few years trying to be and wanting to be a successful internet marketer instead of being a successful internet marketer. If I had put all of that time and energy into being the success instead of wanting to be the success then I would probably be that now.
In the book Bob Doyle talks about the first time that he made the shift from the “wouldn’t it be great” feeling to the “I have it now” feeling and how empowering that was. We need to all make that shift in our lives as well and figure out how to stay in that “I have it now” feeling as much as possible. When we can all do that we will be able to create some amazing things.
What is it that you want to create? What does it feel like in your mind to have it right now? Write a comment below and share.
Wayne Woodworth
PS. If you would like to read Bob Doyle’s book, Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power for yourself, you can find it here.
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