How to Be Conscious of What You Say

One of the basic teachings of personal growth is that if you want to change yourself then you need to change how you think. Your thoughts create your reality. One way to change your thoughts, or at least learn what it is that you are already thinking, is to be conscious of what you say all the time.
My daughter and I played a game this afternoon. I wasn’t trying to teach her anything but after thinking about it I realized that it could have the benefit of helping you become more conscious of what you say all the time.
I was talking to my daughter while I made our dinner and started dropping the ‘g’ from every word I said. I don’t know why. I just did, and my daughter picked up on it and played along. It annoyed my son, but you can’t win them all. We were havin’ spa’hetti, and it was ‘ood. We played the game whenever we said anything to each other up until her bedtime.
It was a fun challenge. We had to think about each word before we said anything so we were very conscious of what we said to each other. Every word had to be chosen carefully and deliberately so that we could figure out how to say it without the ‘g’ it if it had one in it. Try to say “garage”, “garbage” or “Google” without a ‘g’. For those you say “car port”, “trash”, and “Search”.
I know it sounds silly but I challenge you to try it yourself. Once you are conscious of the words you say then you can choose the words that you really mean and that reflect the person that you want to become. Try it and leave me a comment below about how it went.
Wayne Woodworth

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