Break Through the Terror Barrier

Bob Proctor Personal Growth GuruI listen to random segments of several of Bob Proctor’s programs when I’m driving by myself in my car and one of the topics that keeps coming up is what he calls the Terror Barrier.
Most people stay safely inside their comfort zones all of their lives and never know what their terror barrier is, let alone face it. The thing about your comfort zone is that it is comfortable, there is no friction and no growth. In order to grow you have to step outside of your comfort zone.
You can think of the terror barrier as the invisible wall that forms the outside boundary of your comfort zone. When you set a big goal that takes you outside of your comfort zone you will have to force your way through the terror barrier. Most people will give up and slink back inside at the first sign of discomfort.
Public speaking is a good example. At some point in just about any career that you may pursue you will probably have to do some amount of speaking before a group. This was a big fear of mine too. When the time comes to step outside of your comfort zone and get in front of those people, will you be able to push through that terror barrier, or will you back down? A lot of people run away from it and end up staying right where they were, inside their comfort zone with no advancement in their career or goals.
As I said, I learned this from Bob Proctor. You would think that the man no long has a terror barrier, but that isn’t the case. I heard him say in a seminar once that if a new project doesn’t stir up the butterflies in his stomach then he won’t take the project. He knows that if he isn’t stepping outside of his comfort zone and facing his terror barrier then he isn’t growing. And if you aren’t growing, then you are dying. If you have listened much to Bob then you have undoubtedly heard that before.
I’m no where near as far along as Bob Proctor in this game, but I do try to step outside of my comfort zone regularly. Back in January of this year I was invited to teach a group of distributors in my network marketing business how I market my business online. That was something that I really didn’t want to do. It was way outside of my comfort zone, and that is exactly why I agreed to do it. It turned out to be a lot of fun too.
What you doing to get yourself outside of your comfort zone? Please share it in a comment below.
Wayne Woodworth

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