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Manifestation ExerciseA month ago I wrote about a manifestation game that I play with my family and how we take pictures and put them on a family vision board. The vision board is great because it sits out all the time where everyone can see it, but I spend a lot of time on my computer, so having something on my computer screen can be very helpful as well.

There are actually two ways that I use my computer as a computer vision board. First is on the wallpaper on my desktop. I found a free collage maker I can use to easily arrange the pictures of the things and experiences I want to manifest, add text and textures, then save the created image. I then take that image and add it to the folder with all of my wallpaper images. My desktop is set up to change the wallpaper to a random image from that folder every 30 minutes, so my vision board is always changing.
Screen Saver Vision BoardThe second piece of my computer vision board uses the screensaver. My screensaver is setup to use the images from another folder as tiles that it randomly adds and removes. I copy the individual images that I used to make the collage to the screensaver folder so that my screensaver is a constantly shifting vision board.
Finally, I set the hot-corners on my computer so that one corner clears my desktop so that I can see the wallpaper, and another corner activates the screensaver so that I can watch that when I want to.
What are you doing to keep your vision board handy?

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