Law of Attraction – Never Ask For Money

Don't Waste Your Time Manifesting MoneyI read over and over that we should never ask for money when using the Law of Attraction to manifest our desires. It came up again while I was reading last night.
Money is nothing more than a means of exchange. Life doesn’t depend on it because everything can come to you without you having to have money. You can design a life that leaves you happy and fulfilled whether you have money or not.

A good point made by this particular book is that “money” isn’t specific enough for the Law of Attraction to work. It is a vague means of exchange. It could be a check, a credit card, or any kind of paper currency from a variety of countries. Money can be metal coins (gold or any other kind of metal), gems, livestock or anything else that someone is willing to accept in exchange for something that you want.
With the Law of Attraction you need to be specific about what you want. If you want to manifest a pile of gold coins and a goat, then write that down. If want “money” so that you can buy a house and car then go straight for the house and car and skip the middle steps. You don’t need the money – it’s a “how”, not a “what”. You need to only focus on the “what”.
The book I’m reading is I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams by Thomas and Penelope Pauley. In the book they have a good example of the results of wanting to attract money. A lady wanted to hold $50,000 in her hand. She thought of all the great things she could do with that money once she had it. A week later she received a check in the mail for just over $50,000. The problem was that it was a check from her 401(k) for money that was supposed to get rolled over to an IRA. Through a clerical error of some kind it was mailed to her instead. She got exactly what she wanted though, to hold $50,000 in her hand.
The Pauley’s say it another way in the book. If you want to attract money, then you are attempting to take over the roll of the provider, which is God’s/Source’s/the Universe’s/Energy’s roll, not yours. There are an infinite number of ways available for Source/God to bring what you want. Your thoughts on how to provide are much more limited, so let Source do it. Just focus on what you want, take pictures of it, write it down, visualize having it, and just know that they are already yours.
Here’s a post that I wrote a couple years ago about the Law of Attraction and Money.
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