Does Visualization Really Work?

There are many manifestation techniques in the personal development world to help you create the life you want. Visualization and affirmations are both very popular choices.
I don’t think the technique or tool itself really matters much. The important thing is to be in the energy of having already created what it is that you want to manifest. Affirmations are enough for some people while other people need images. If you can get into that space by visualizing what it is like to have it right now, then that’s great. If you want to cut out pictures and paste them on a vision board, then do that. Just make sure that you are in that space of already having it right now, not sometime in the future.

EFT is a tool that I had pretty much dismissed until I started thinking about it for this post.
In EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, you tap on a handful of the body’s meridian points while you repeat certain phrases. It’s really a great technique for manifesting change because it actually incorporates a lot of different pieces.
Tapping on the meridian points gets energy moving in the body. I think more importantly, the tapping is an activity to distract your logical left brain away from the words you are saying so that your creative right brain can process them without interference.
The clearing statements used in EFT are also created to satisfy the ego and left brain before moving on to work with the right brain. You start out with statements that acknowledge where you are and add in a little self-acceptance and self-love. It’s like telling the ego that all is well, we’re just reinforcing exactly where we are, nothing to worry about here. You can go take a nap.
With the ego satisfied and the logical brain hypnotized by the tapping you can shift the statements to something more positive and in line with what you choose to change or manifest. The new thoughts and ideas can get past the ego and logical brain, straight to the creative right brain and subconscious where they can be worked on. It’s really a brilliant tool.
If you don’t know much about EFT yet, you need to check out Carol Look and/or Brad Yates. They are the two best practitioners and teachers of EFT that I have come across so far. I have links to their website on my EFT Resources page and will add other resources there when I find good ones.
Wayne Woodworth
Disclosure – You can assume that any link on this web site is an affiliate link and that I may earn a commission on anything ordered through them. The prices are the same whether it is an affiliate link or not. I have programs and books from both Carol Look and Brad Yates and they are awesome.

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