Warning: Don't Use the Law of Attraction to Get More Money!

Most of the things you see about the Law of Attraction have to do with attracting more money. Don’t waste your time. You will never attract more money by wanting to attract more money.
Because you don’t want more money.
You don’t believe me? Think about it. What is money? It is either a pile of greenish paper with numbers and dead guys printed on it or it is a number in a bank database somewhere. If you want a number in a database, I can help you with that. I have a lot of databases.
What do you really want? What do you want the money for? I know it isn’t just to collect money. Maybe it’s a better house or to pay off your existing one. Maybe you want to take your family on that awesome vacation. Whatever it is that you want to create, it isn’t specifically about the money.
Here’s another reason why you don’t want to focus on attracting money specifically – it limits the ways in which your real desires can manifest. Money is “how” you want to manifest your desires and, as Mike Dooley from TUT says, forget the “cursed Hows”. Leave the “how” to the Universe, God, Source, or whatever.
What you need to do is figure out what you really want. When you have that, then you can clearly visualize it and you will be inspired with ideas for actions to take. Take those actions and be amazed at the wondrous ways in which your desires can manifest.
Bob Doyle has a good exercise. I think it is in his Wealth Beyond Reason program. Start with what you think it is that you want to manifest. Once you have that written down, figure out why you want that and write it down. Then figure out why you want that. Keep drilling down into your desire until you get to the root. Now figure out what that will look like and create a powerful vision around it.
Here’s an example conversation you might have with yourself. Let’s start with money. What am I going to do with the money once I have it? Well, we’ve been wanting to take a trip to Disney World. Why? Because our kids have never been anywhere like that. So, it’s about giving our kids a chance to experience new things.
I can drill down farther if I needed to, or I can stop there because that is something that I can get excited about. My vision is no longer about money (something that doesn’t really excite me) and it isn’t about Walt Disney World either. It’s about giving my kids amazing experiences. That is something that the Universe can work with and give me something bigger and more amazing than I could ever dream of.
Can you get excited about that?
Wayne Woodworth

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