How to Pick a Law of Attraction Mentor

Law of Attraction MentorI saw the movie of The Secret six years ago. It came to me through a network marketing company I had just joined. Bob Proctor had a coaching arrangement with the company and his wife was a Royal Diamond distributor with them. Of course, Bob Proctor is one of the many teachers in the movie.
The Secret opened me up to the world of personal development and the Law of Attraction. I was fascinated, so I started following several of the teachers in the movie, who led me to more teachers and some amazing information.
In addition to learning about the Law of Attraction I learned another very important lesson. You have to be careful when choosing the teachers that you follow.
More importantly, you need to be careful of their stories and choose one that matches yours or is one that you want to follow.
A rags-to-riches story sounds great. One teacher went from sleeping on the steps of the Post Office in Texas to living the life of his dreams. Wow! I want to live the life of my dreams too. I want my story to be like his.
Wait a minute. That story includes being flat broke and homeless. Do you really want to go there? Don’t get me wrong. I have great respect for Dr. Joe Vitale and what he has manifested in his life. Read his books and take from them what serves you. If you have been broke and homeless then, by all means, use his story as your inspiration.
If you haven’t been broke and homeless then don’t buy into his story. Find another teacher who more closely matches your experience.
For me, that’s Bob Doyle. Bob is another one of the teachers in The Secret. His story includes being in a job that wasn’t satisfying the vision he had for his life. He quit that job and set out to build his success on the Internet. He talks about following your passion.
Bob Doyle’s story may include making radical changes in his life, which I’m cool with. It doesn’t include going broke and being homeless, which are things that I am not cool with.
As a Law of Attraction teacher, his message sits better with me too. He teaches from the science behind the Law of Attraction, and that appeals to my analytical personality. Bob Doyle recently launched the latest revision to his online curriculum in the Law of Attraction, called Wealth Beyond Reason. I upgraded my account and am looking forward to get back into it. I miss the ducks from the previous version though.
The only thing that puzzles me is how I have not had a chance to meet him or see him speak live. I live in Georgia, about an hour from where Bob Doyle lives. I have seen Bob Proctor who lives about 900 miles away in Toronto. I have seen Loral Langemeier who lives 2400 miles away in Lake Tahoe, NV. I have seen James Ray who lives 2200 miles away in San Diego, CA. And I have seen Mike Dooley who lives 500 miles away in Orlando, FL. How have I not seen Bob Doyle yet, who only lives about 40 miles away?
Wayne Woodworth
PS. Check out Bob’s Wealth Beyond Reason program here. It’s the best Law of Attraction program that I have had the opportunity to use.
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