How to Achieve a Goal

Here’s how to achieve a goal.
How to Achieve a Goal - Its Always too Soon to Quit

It’s always too soon to quit.

– Norman Vincent Peale

Another Norman Vincent Peale Quote

I used another quote from Dr. Peale a few days ago. This one comes from his book, You Can If You Think You Can.
I have a very brief review of the book in a previous post – How to Make Time to Read.

How to Achieve a Goal

You probably already know what I’m going to say based on the quote I shared above.
They way to achieve a goal is to never quit.
Really, why would you? I assume that when you set the goal it was something that you really wanted. And if you want something bad enough, then it should be all the motivation you need.


If your goal is something you really want to achieve, and you’re still struggling, then the problem is the obstacles you face.
Of course you must face obstacles along the way. You don’t grow unless you do, and if you don’t grow through achieving the goal then the goal isn’t worthy of you.
So how do you deal with the obstacles?

Organization and Planning

Maybe you have a really big goal and you feel overwhelmed. That’s usually my biggest challenge. My goal is absolutely huge.
You need to take a moment, step back, and break your goal down into manageable pieces. Plan out the steps and put them in a logical order.
Then just focus on the next step.

Skills or Resources

Sometimes you need a particular skill or resource that you don’t have.
That’s no reason to give up on a goal. Actually, that’s even more reason. Your growth is built in.
Again, take a moment, step back, and plan out how you’re going to acquire that skill or resource. There’s always a way.
Then work your plan to get what you need.

When to Quit a Goal

There is only one good reason that I can think of for abandoning a goal.
As I said before, the real purpose of a goal is to grow. You grow as you work toward your goal. Sometimes as you grow your goal becomes too small.
So you set a new goal and your old goal becomes a stepping-stone toward your new one.
It’s kind of like climbing a mountain. You can’t see the top as you climb, so your goal is reaching the highest point you can see. The farther you go the higher you can see, so your goal moves to that higher point.
You still accomplish those smaller goals, but you change them from goals to just checkpoints along the path before you actually achieve them.
Did that make sense? I’ve been out hiking in the mountains a bit recently and the trail kind of becomes that analogy for just about everything.

In Summary

The question was – how to achieve a goal – and the answer was – don’t quit. It’s always too soon to quit.
Do you have anything to add about achieving goals? Please share in the comments below and then share this post with your followers on social media.
Also, check out yesterday’s quote of the day about shortcuts to success. “Shortcuts” just screams for a trail analogy. 😉

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