Language Creates Reality

Your language creates reality, at least your experience of your reality.
Language creates reality as you experience it.

Watch your mouth: The language we use creates the reality we experience.

– Michael Hyatt

Who is Michael Hyatt?

Michael Hyatt (affiliate link) is an author, speaker and blogger and used to work in the publishing world as the chairman and CEO of a publishing company.

Language Creates Reality

I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction and that our thoughts create our reality.
So, how does language factor into that?
Your habitual language comes from your dominant thoughts. What kinds of thing do you say when something catches your off guard or when something upsets you? Do you join in with someone when they start complaining about things or do you find an excuse to leave?

Language Reinforces Your Thoughts Too

Language is very powerful, affecting both the people around you and yourself. Especially yourself.
Here’s an example from when you were in school. I home school my kids, so I work with them on their spelling words. How did you learn your spelling words when you were in school? You probably recited them to yourself over and over until you had them down, right?
When you say something out loud you engage your hearing as well as your brain, so you’re reinforcing your learning with multiple senses. If you write them as well then you engage other senses too.
You do the same thing when you practice affirmations. You say them out loud so that you can hear them and you write them so that you can see them. The more senses you engage in the process the better. Still, it’s all language and you use it to program your brain – changing how you think.

That’s the Bottom Line

With affirmations you program your thoughts through repetition of specific, positive language. Meanwhile, most people program their thoughts through habitual, negative language.
Either way, your language programs your thoughts, then you thoughts create your reality.
And the most powerful thing about this? You get to choose.
How cool is that. You’re driving the bus.

Bonus Quote

Here’s a bonus quote to start off the week.

Your future does not equal your past. Tomorrow is full of possibility you can access right now.

– Michael Hyatt

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