How to Get In the Flow

When you are in the flow ideas and inspiration come to you easily. Things just seem to work. Want to know how to get in the flow?Do you know what it means to be “in the flow?” Life feels easy when things start working, when the ideas and inspirations are just flowing. Do you know how to get in the flow?
When you’re not “in the flow” things just don’t seem to work right, or at least not reliably. You struggle to get good, inspired ideas for how to grow your business, or whatever it is you want to do. Things kind of stagnate.
You need to know how to get in the flow so things do start going right again.

The Power of Reading Positive Books

If you’ve been following my posts here recently you know that I figured out how to get a lot more books read. I choose to read personal development books, like The Science of Getting Rich, The Master Key System and others. They have been a key piece for me learning how to get in the flow.
These are books that get your mind working in a positive direction, the direction that you want to go. They talk about the Law of Attraction, positive thinking and gratitude.

Where I Was

I have a network marketing business and it was rather stagnant. It hasn’t declined any, it just hasn’t been growing like I want it to.
The problem is I never built a clear vision for my business. I never had a good idea of what I wanted my business website to look like and the content it should have. I have an opt-in list on another website that I never figured out what to do with.

New Life

Now that I have been on this personal development kick for a few months, the energy is moving again.
I now know where my business is going. The Universe has given me a clear vision. It was kind of like a slap in the face really. If you’re going to do something, take it as far as you can go. In network marketing that means you need to aim for the highest rank that you can achieve. To do anything less is to sell yourself short, and I have been doing that for a long time.
So now I know where I’m headed, and it’s exciting. And it begins with learning how to get in the flow.
That vision then lead to a clearer picture of what my business website needs to be. Now that I know where I’m going, I better understand what the structure of my website needs to be to support it. I now have a message to share on it.
And not completely unrelated, I have a clearer idea of what I need to do with my subscriber list on the other website I mentioned. That website is for network marketers and affiliate marketers about how to build a website for their business.

How to Get In the Flow

We’ve been conditioned to look at the negative. Even when we look at the positive it’s from a negative point of view. Most of the success quotes I see on Facebook talk about failing your way there. How can you be successful when you’re looking at failure?
The same thing goes for relationships and health. You aren’t going to have a good relationship focusing on all of the things that aren’t working, and you aren’t going to stay healthy thinking about illness. It just doesn’t work that way.
To get in the flow you have to tune out all of the garbage that you don’t want and tune in to the success, health, and positive relationships that you want. Keep your mind on where you want to go.
For me, reading the positive stuff helps a lot. For at least 15 minutes every other hour I read something positive. When I’m not reading I stay focused on that new vision for my business. When you know where you’re going it is easier to stay focused on what you need to do.
One thing I have to caution you on. You will probably want to keep a notebook handy. When I first got into the flow the ideas came very fast. Write them down before you lose them.


The point is that when you are thinking in a positive way and open to whatever comes to you, ideas and opportunities will come. The trick is to not just dismiss them as they show up.
For example, in my network marketing business I do things a lot different than the traditional network marketer. I work exclusively online and don’t usually do any live events. Another distributor friend in my company has been asking me to speak at an event for him for years and I always say no. He just asked me again a few days ago. This time I said yes if he can make it work.
Then the next day the first active distributor in my upline emailed me and wanted to talk. I haven’t spoken to anyone in my upline in years (when you do things differently you are generally ignored regardless of whether you are successful or not. They don’t know what to do with you.) My first thought was “what the heck?!” Then I realized what was really going on. The vision is starting to draw in energy. Things are starting to move. I made the call.

What I’ve Read Recently

Creating by Robert Fritz

This book talks about creating, whether creating art (paintings or music) or creating experiences in your life. There is a process to creating that the author discusses.
He talk s about the difference between creating and creativity. They are not the same thing and one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other.
Most of the book is about the things that we have created in our lives that distract us from the actual act of creating. We really have created a lot of crap in our lives to hold us back.

The Human Antenna by Dr. Robin Kelly

Dr. Kelly is a family physician and acupuncturist in New Zealand.
He talks about how spirals show up at many levels in body. At the smallest level they show up as the double helix in DNA. On an energetic level all of the chakras in the body are represented as spirals.
Looking specifically at the double helix, one theory is that the DNA strands hold a magnetic charge. Their spiral configuration cancels out the magnetic charge creating a magnetic void down the center that acts like an antenna.
He goes further to say that these antennas keep us in touch with our environment, each other, and with all space and time.
He sites many different experiences that his patients have reported as evidence to this theory.

  • Near-death experiences
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Distance healing
  • The psychic connection between twins, and between mothers and daughters
  • Autistic savants
  • Mediums and channelers

It’s an interesting book.
Disclaimer: The books are affiliate links to I may earn a small commission if you order the books there. My commission does not affect the price you pay.

Does That Help?

Do you understand how to get in the flow now? It is a simple thing to do, though it isn’t always easy. Like I said, you have to be able to tune out the negative. That’s the real trick.
I appreciate you reading my post. How do you get in the flow? Please share your thoughts in a comment below. And as always, please share this power with your followers on social media.

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