Manifestation – Can You Picture That?

Dr. Teeth on VisualizationHere’s some of the best manifestation advice I’ve ever heard. I bet you never considered Dr. Teeth (yes, the piano rocking Muppet) a guru on the Law of Attraction. So, check it out.
Can You Picture That – Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (composer – Kenny Ascher)
Hit play and jump ahead to 4 minutes 37 seconds to listen to the song.

The song is from The Muppet Movie and is sung while the Electric Mayhem are repainting Fozzie’s car so that it won’t be recognized by Doc Hopper who is chasing Kermit to be his spokesfrog for his chain from fried frog legs restaurants.
If you go back and listen to the words then you will hear exactly what all of the manifestation teachers keep telling us.
“You gotta see it in your mind … so it’s quick and easy to find”
You have to see it in your mind before you can have it physically and your manifestation engine (your mind) is always with you.
“Beat down the walls, begin, believe, be, begat.”
To create something you have to begin, believe in it, become it, then you have it.
“I never think of money. I think of milk and honey.
Grinnin’ like a Cheshire Cat.
I focus on the pleasure. Something I can treasure.
Can you picture that.”
Don’t focus on the means (money). Instead focus on what you want the money for (milk and honey) because that’s where your passion is. And above all else, you have to have a powerful feeling of playing (grinnin’ like a Cheshire Cat). It has to be fun. If you take your manifestation too seriously you will worry too much and end up pushing it away.
So, if you need help remembering how to manifest your dream just pull out your copy of the Muppet Movie and watch it all over again, or at least listen to the Electric Mayem.
Wayne Woodworth

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