You Get What You Look For

Did you get your daily Note From the Universe today?

In time and space, if you just look for what’s right – in others, in relationships, in yourself and your journey – you’ll always find it.
Same when looking for what’s wrong.
The Universe
Now that’s perfection, huh?

You already know that you get what you look for in life, right? Most people look for bad things to happen, kind of like the “what if down” thinking from my previous post.
What Mike Dooley is telling us in this Note From the Universe is that the opposite is also true. If we look for the good things in life then we will always find them.
Another great example of this comes from Quantum Physics. Maybe you’ve read about the Double Slit Experiment or maybe saw the cartoon presentation of it in the What The Bleep movie. I found the video on YouTube and here it is.

When there was no observer, the electrons behaved like waves. When the observer was present the electrons behaved like particles, because that is what the observer was looking for. Again, we see what we expect to see.
There is plenty more information about how our senses bring in much more data than we can consciously process. We rely on filters in our brains based on previous experiences and beliefs to weed out the majority of the data and only allow through what we can handle. When we constantly look for only the good things then we will slowly reprogram those filters to the point where we only experience the good things, or we will at least see the good in all that we experience.
One way to help you change those filters is to stop watching and reading the news. The majority of that is negative programming. Instead, read an inspiring book.
Wayne Woodworth
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