Sea of Consciousness

Sea of ConsciousnessI read this the other day in The Magic in Your Mind by U. S. Andersen.

No enlightened mind can have any quarrel with the investigations of Doctors J. B. Rhine and S. G. Soal in the field of parapsychology, and from their results the only possible conclusion is this. There are not many individual minds in the world at all, but only one mind, and this mind is infinite and eternal and is the sustaining source of each of us, is in its truest essence all of each of us, just as each of us in truest essence is all of it. Now if each man exists in a sea of consciousness, and the consciousness in him is in everything else and in all other men, it then becomes possible to understand what we are dealing with when we deal with extrasensory perception.

He’s talking about extrasensory perception – clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, etc. If we are all connected to this one mind, this sea of consciousness, then that explains how people can display these abilities.
What we gain by accessing the sea of consciousness is bigger than that though. We gain the knowledge that we are infinite, that we are connected with everybody on the planet. It is the enlightenment that so many people seek.

How do you Access the Sea of Consciousness?

Andersen writes about allowing the Secret Self to take over. This is his term for higher consciousness, God, the Universe, energy, or any of the other terms that Law of Attraction teachers use to try to include everyone’s beliefs and offend none.
That means bypassing the ego. Many authors I have read say that you have to kill the ego. Jed McKenna comes to mind. Andersen says that you don’t need to kill the ego. In fact, he suggests that the ego is a valuable tool once it is put in its proper place, out of the driver’s seat that it occupies for most of us. He says that the ego is actually very happy as a tool once it realizes that allowing the Secret Self to drive allows it to have all of the things that it  has wanted.

Where to get the book – The Magic in Your Mind by U. S. Andersen

The Magic In Your MindThe Magic In Your Mind by U. S. Andersen

Something I realized about the Law of Attraction

I realized something while thinking about this. Everything I have learned about the Law of Attraction is focused squarely on feeding and building the ego. All of the money, houses, cars, success and fame that we are supposed to get through using the Law of Attraction are all ego desires.
But we have to put the ego aside to get in alignment with the Law of Attraction so that we can attract those things. We have to let the Secret Self get in the driver’s seat, and when the Secret Self is driving, we no longer care about what we want the Law of Attraction to do for us because those are all ego things. It’s crazy!
I guess that’s the “letting go” part that the LoA teachers talk about.
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