Sensing the Energy

The Path of Energy bookI picked up a new book recently – The Path of Energy by Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND.
The book centers around 13 meditations that are supposed to help you “to awaken specific abilities and levels of awareness” according to the text on the back cover. I have read through the first meditation and practiced it a few times and I would like to share my experience with it.
The meditation is called the “Spiral Pillar of Light” and involves visualizing and sensing a spiral or energy surrounding your body. You will need to get the book for the details of the meditation. When I do the meditation at home I sense the energy to spiral around me in a clockwise direction and it is usually clear or white.
My wife and I took a 10 mile hike yesterday to a waterfall, Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, GA. It is a fairly tall waterfall and the river flows rapidly. When we got to the falls I sat down on the observation deck to rest and did the meditation again. This time the energy spiraled counterclockwise and had a more bluish color. The flow of the river controlled the direction of the energy movement.
I had told my wife about the meditation too and she tried it. She had it in her mind that the energy had to move clockwise because of my experience. She quickly found herself moving counterclockwise too, contrary to what she thought was supposed to happen. A little extra validation for my experience.
After feeling the energy move for a few minutes I had to let go of it. I was sitting there with my back to the river and felt myself being pulled backward toward the river. It was a pretty cool experience.
On the hike back to the car, once we got far enough from the river I checked which direction the energy spiraled and it was clockwise again. I think this shows how powerful water energy can be in a rapidly moving river.
I wonder what I will experience with the second meditation. I haven’t played with that one yet.
Wayne Woodworth

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