Too Tired to Work On Your Goals

Are you too tired to work on your goals?
Too tired to work on your goals? You never get tired unless you stop and take the time for it. - Bob Hope

You never get tired unless you stop and take the time for it.

– Bob Hope

Who Is Bob Hope?

Bob Hope was an American actor and comedian. I saw a few of his movies when I was younger. I remember his comedy specials the most. They were usually filmed on a military base overseas somewhere to support the troops stationed away from home.
He lived to 100 years old.

Too Tired to Work on Your Goals?

Bob Hope said “you never get tired unless you stop and take the time for it.” Essentially, you don’t feel tired as long as you actively work toward your goal.
I experienced just that yesterday. After I ate lunch I felt tired. I woke up too early. I thought about a nap but I had a lot to do. So I got busy. Eventually I realized that I didn’t feel nearly as tired as I did earlier.
That’s how it goes when you are working on your goals.

  1. Your focus distracts you from everything else, including feeling tired.
  2. Your goals give you energy. They sustain you

Of course, you are going to eventually have to get some sleep. Your body requires it.

Motivation Works the Same Way

I sometimes find it difficult to start a task. I don’t feel all that motivated. When you feel unmotivated you often feel tired too.
So it takes more willpower to start, but once you do, the motivation kicks in to keep you going.
It’s kind of like you need willpower to prime the engine then it will continue to run on motivation.

Bonus Quote

I looked for another good Bob Hope quote and I found this one. Don’t be surprised if it ends up as a quote of the day someday. It’s good.

I’ve always been in the right place and time. Of course, I steered myself there.

– Bob Hope

Speaking of the right place and time, yesterday’s quote of the day was about how to be lucky.

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