What If Up Thinking

I was listening to a program from Joe Vitale and he shared an idea that I thought was pretty cool.

I first came across Joe Vitale as one of the teachers of the Law of Attraction in The Secret then as the author of The Attractor Factor, also about the Law of Attraction. Recently he put up a new program about self-hypnosis called The Wealth Trigger, and that really isn’t what this is about. There was one thing he said in the introduction to the program about how to get more out of the Law of Attraction that this is about.

Joe Vitale said that he got this piece from What If It All Goes Right? by Mendhi Audlin, and that idea is “what if up” thinking.

When we get into something new, like a new program, a new job, or anything else, we usually entertain all of the doubts. Things like:

  • What if this doesn’t work?
  • What if I wasted my money yet again?
  • What if this is a scam?
  • What if they find out that I’m not really good enough?

This is called “what if down” thinking, and as you already know from the Law of Attraction, regardless of whether you think positively or negatively, what you think about is what you attract. So, change it around and think “what if up” instead.

  • What if this does work, and works very well?
  • What if this is the best investment I’ve ever made?
  • What if this is even better than advertised?
  • What if they find out that I’m so good they give me a raise and promotion?

It’s really just another way to employ positive thinking and it feels a whole lot better than the “what if down” thinking and has the power to attract good things instead of the doubts.

What if people like this post and it attracts a lot of visitors? Cool! 

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2 Responses to What If Up Thinking

  1. Mindy Audlin says:

    Hi Wayne… Great article! Glad you’re enjoying the power of “What If UP!” I’ve shared many “what ifs” with Joe, and he is a MASTER at creating positive possibility. Thanks for sharing this technique with your readers…

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