Faith in Success or Fear of Failure

Do you have faith in success? Do you believe that you can succeed?
Do you have faith in Success? Faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose! - Bob Proctor

Faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose!

– Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor

I gave a brief introduction to Bob Proctor in a previous quote. He’s on of my favorite personal development and success coaches and one of the stars of The Secret, the movie that launched the current fascination with the Law of Attraction.

Faith and Fear

Like Bob Proctor said in today’s quote, faith and fear both require you to believe in something that isn’t visible.
In this post, I’m talking about faith or fear in regards to your success. Do you have faith in success, in your ability to accomplish what you set out to do? Or do you fear that you will fail?


I don’t talk much about failure because I don’t believe in it. It isn’t something that I want to create. But I will give it a moment here.
There is nothing to fear in failure. Failure just means that you didn’t arrive at your intended destination. You didn’t complete the trip. That doesn’t mean that you can’t start out again. You’ve learned some things about the path so prepare yourself better this time.
Then have faith in your success.

Faith in Success

If you set out to do something, why believe in anything other than your inevitable success?
When you get in the car to drive to the grocery store, do you fear that you won’t make it, or do you absolutely know that you will arrive there?
You don’t even think about it, right? Of course you’ll get to the grocery store. That’s where you’re going.
Your success in anything else should be exactly the same. Of course you’re going to succeed. You may run into a detour, like I did yesterday. There was a tree down in the road, so I turned around and took another route. I didn’t give up and go back home.
Actually, the tree didn’t completely block the road so I was able to drive around it. They were cleaning it up on my way back and had the road blocked off, so I rerouted on the way home, but I didn’t give up and return to the store. That would just be weird.

How About You

Do you have trouble believing in something you can’t see? Create a picture of what your success looks like. It can be a mental picture, a description on paper, or get real creative and actually paint the picture. Now you can see your success. Nothing to fear in that picture.
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