The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

Come to the Dark Side We Have CookiesI wrote a post two years ago about the dark side of the Law of Attraction as it relates to health care. Now I have decided to write about the dark side as it relates to personal development.
Like the Force in Star Wars, the Law of Attraction has a dark side. If you have watched The Secret or studies the Law of Attraction somewhere else, you know that what your dominant thoughts are is what you attract. There is more to it, but that is the basic idea.
The issue for most people is that they spend most of their time thinking about the things they don’t want, and most of the time aren’t even aware of it. This is what I mean by the “dark side” of the Law of Attraction.
You watch the balance in your checking account dwindle as you pay your bills and think you will never be wealthy. You see the number on the scale creeping up when you weigh yourself and tell yourself that you will never lose those 20 pounds. You get cut off on your way to work and think that you are surrounded by idiots and that you’re always late.
These constant thoughts cannot be overcome by positive thinking for five minutes and gazing at your vision board.

You Can Be Saved From the Dark Side

As Luke Skywalker showed with Darth Vader, you can be saved from the Dark Side.
Try to be more conscious of your thoughts that come through your mind. That’s harder than it sounds. Most of us run on autopilot, so we will have to shut that off and be more mindful.
There is an exercise that comes from Access Consciousness. When a thought comes to your mind, especially one that isn’t uplifting, ask yourself who that thought came from. Chances are it wasn’t even yours and it will disappear. Rikka Zimmerman, a facilitator of Access Consciousness says to do this for every thought that comes to your mind for three days. After that, you will probably be much more in control of the thoughts that you have, and can make them more positive.
Do you have other techniques that you like to use to stay conscious of your thoughts? Share them in a comment below.
Wayne Woodworth
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