Why Do Personal Development Techniques Work?

Why do some personal development techniques work from some people and not for other?
I believe that it comes down to belief. Do you believe that they can work for you?
If you are open to allowing the technique to work, then you can tap into the morphic field of that technique and have very powerful results.

What is a Morphic Field?

Morphic FieldsThe idea of a “morphic field” was created by Rupert Sheldrake. For our purposes, a morphic field is an idea that a group of people have bought into. For example, the idea that western medicine heals is a very powerful morphic field because hundreds of thousands of people believe in it. When you have a critical injury, this is a great morphic field to tap into.
I learned of the morphic field concept in Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett. In Matrix Energetics, he teaches that you can tap into the morphic field of any other technique and draw on that power and the corresponding benefits.
Access Consciousness is a technique that I’m learning about right now. With this technique there is a clearing statement, and I think the morphic field concept helps to explain a lot about why this works. The clearing statement goes like this.

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds

What the heck does that even mean, let alone how or why does it work? It is a much shortened form of a bunch of other things and a practitioner can explain what all of it means.
I don’t think it matters what it means.
The Access Consciousness clearing statement has been used with success by many people over the course of many years. There is a powerful morphic field built up around that statement. When you use your belief to tap into that morphic field, you have access to all of the good that can be done with that clearing statement.
You can release all of your limiting emotional and mental garbage that easily, even though you really have no idea what you, or the practitioner, said.
It can be that easy if you let it.
If you are curious, you can learn more about Access Consciousness at their main website and through Rikka Zimmerman, an Access Consciousness facilitator.
Wayne Woodworth
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