What is Mindfulness?

Colette Baron Reid Enchanted MapIn my last post on intention I told you about an oracle deck that my wife is studying. I drew the Wizard of Awareness card today. This card is about mindfulness and the description reminds me of some other teachings I have read.
To be mindful means to be an observer. Nothing is either good or bad. Everything just is.
The problems that we see depend on how we interpret our experiences. They are in the labels that we attach to them, “good” and “bad”.
When we can step outside of the labels and take everything exactly as it is, then we have the power to change our experience of the event.
Actually doing this, especially with everything going on in the world right now, can be a big challenge.
Maybe you’ve lost your job. That’s bad, right? Is it really? What if you hated the job and the stress was killing you. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start something new, and this is the nudge that you have been waiting for.
The Wizard of Awareness is telling us to stop and take a look at our circumstances as an outside observer would. We can gain some very useful insight from this perspective.
The oracle deck my wife is studying is The Enchanted Map oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.
Wayne Woodworth

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