Can You Grow By Asking Yourself Questions?

Ask Yourself QuestionsAsking yourself questions may be the most important thing that you can do to expand your consciousness.
One thing that I have read is that when you ask a question of your subconscious mind, it has to find an answer. So, ask yourself positive questions, especially questions that imply that you are already having some success.
“How can I make even more money than I’m already making?”
I already wrote a little about this in a previous post.
After I wrote that post, I learned about Access Consciousness, Rikka Zimmerman, and Dr. Dain Heer.
One question that they suggest is: “How can it get any better than this?”
What an amazing question. It implies that things are good now and ask how they can get better. It is completely open ended about how good things could get.
You can ask yourself that when things are bad and it will help you feel better. With the implication that things are already OK, your subconscious is going to let you feel a little better, a little lighter, which will put you into a vibration to attract something a little better.
You can also ask yourself that question when things are already good and your subconscious will go look for ways that things actually could get better. How cool is that?
The trick with questions like this is to not cap them. Dr. Dain Heer tells a story about sharing the question with a couple. They kept asking themselves the question, “how can it get better than this?”, and things kept getting better. Then finally they capped it by saying “Wow! It can’t get any better than this”, and that ends it. They just told their subconscious mind that it could not get better.
Never put a cap on how good things can get for you.
I am digging deeper into Access Consciousness. Asking myself these questions has been amazingly powerful and I feel like I have made some pretty big shifts in the past few weeks. I recommend that you check it out for yourself. There are some free resources on the Access Consciousness website and on Rikka Zimmerman’s website. Rikka is one of the people trained to lead Access Consciousness sessions.
Wayne Woodworth
Disclosure: I believe so much in Access that I have signed up as an affiliate for the program. If you choose to make a purchase through my links to their sites, you won’t pay any extra, and I will earn a commission.

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