What Is Your Mindset?

The word of the day on Minute With Maxwell yesterday was mindset. As he explained it, your mindset is what you set your mind to.
What have you set your mind on?
I don’t think most people realize how powerful their mindset is, or what they really put their mind on all day. If they did I bet they’d change it in a heartbeat.
The current presidential politics season here in the US is a great example. I watch the posts from the people I follow on Facebook. Most of what I see are the people on one side saying how bad Romney is and on the other side saying how bad Obama is. Nobody is talking about how great their preferred candidate is. Their minds are all set on how bad the other guy is.
I have worked on improving my awareness of what I’m thinking and how it affects my experience. If I see my business slow down a little and become fixated on it, it stays slow. As soon as I can get myself to let go of the idea that things are slow it picks right back up.
Likewise, when I focus on the things that are going right, my mindset is on the positive stuff, things just keep getting better. My business through July has been a perfect example of this.
Practice staying aware of what you are thinking. When you catch yourself being or thinking negative, look for something positive to put your mind on. See how different things can be for you.
Wayne Woodworth

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